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Our Trees

All of the trees grown on our farm are hand-planted and nurtured by our family from tiny bareroot seedlings to the time you arrive to choose & cut your perfect Christmas tree. Much goes into their growth, from careful planting to hours of mowing and shearing (ask our kids 😊) to insect and weed control. Here are a few things we've learned about our trees.

Virginia Pine Christmas Tree

Virginia Pine

Classic green color, good needle retention, medium length needles, good branch strength and good pine fragrance – Available!

2024 Pricing

Coming November 2024!

White Pine Christmas Tree

White Pine

Coming 2026!!

Lighter bluish green color, good needle retention, long soft needles, less dense and more flexible branches, pleasant pine fragrance 

Douglas Fir Christmas Tree

Pre-Cut Douglas Fir

These pre-cut trees will be shipped from Oregon this year. As one of the most popular Christmas tree choices, the Douglas Fir has short soft needles that are dark green in color with a sweet fragrance. All our precuts are kept in fresh water and shaded for the duration of their time on the farm ensuring freshness that you can't get from a large retailer!

2024 Pricing

Coming November 2024!

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